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Professionally designed and installed outdoor lighting transforms a garden into a precious amenity to be enjoyed all year round, by ushering its special atmosphere into your living room. We place safety even above beauty, so only exterior rated equipment is used by us and ensure your outdoor lighting remains safe and functions reliably for the long term. Your installation will be managed by one of our registered electricians who understand and enjoy working outside and will share your passion for your garden. All installations are Part P certified to ensure our work complies with up to date electrical regulations.

Using subtlety here and contrast there, our lighting scheme will make the most of paths, steps, patios, benches and planting. And we won’t forget to bring out the features of your garden by, highlighting the other prominent structures, special trees and shrubs. Often gentle illumination is all that is needed for the borders.

Wherever possible, we will offer you low energy lighting so that your enjoyment of your garden is balanced thoughtfully with the nature upon which it and we depend. There are pleasant surprises here since we can slash consumption to a mere trickle. Indeed, some quite extensive outdoor lighting consumes no more in total than a standard 60 watt bulb!

Create a Symphony of Light – even from your iPhone We select suppliers whose products will amaze you. Incredible technology advances mean that we can offer you unique and creative control of how you use your lightscape.

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